Courtney Swain

BETWEEN BLOOD AND OCEAN - New album 5.1.2019

©Rich Ferri

A gorgeous blend of overwhelming vocal talent, modern keyboard techniques, and contemporary sophistication.
— New England Noise
Versatile, ever-appealing voice
— Wall Street Journal
Delivers emphatic, enigmatic lyrics in a manner that can evoke Björk, Alanis Morissette, or Joanna Newsom while sounding like no one but herself.
— The Boston Globe
Flawless voice, skillful piano work, and genuine lyrics.
— MonkeyGoose Magazine
Swain’s lyrics hold a hidden humor, both in the occasional over-dramatics and in the inherent relatable quality to them — something that brings the listener deeper, settling in with their demons.
— WGBH Boston
Be stopped dead in your tracks and catch the feels from this brilliantly composed piece of music
— Allston Pudding
Showcases incredible power and range with her most impassioned sentiments.
— Rebel Noise