Stop, look, and go!

My brother just shared a great TED talk with me. It's another one of those talks about 'happiness' or 'being happy' which seem like hot topics nowadays. The many books and talks about happiness are probably all talking about the same thing, but guiding our minds to a different portal to gaze at the core of the matter. There's something about portal that this speaker presents that really hit me in a positive way. 

At one point, he is discussing the nature of a 'given moment' and the opportunities that lie within each one of them. What if we fail? "There's always another opportunity!" As he says that, the smile that wrinkles his face was so convincing. It brought me a lot of inner piece. I sometimes think about the 'unspeakable'. What if I don't 'succeed'? What if I stop making music, or the band breaks up, or worst of all; for some reason I just give up? I know that there will be life beyond such occurrence, but I worry about how solid my judgement is and the consequences it will have on the rest of my life. Not that watching the video validated or solved anything, but it provided some relief to some of the anxiety in my head. 

You can visit to watch the video on the TED home page, where there are subtitles available in many languages.

At another part, he discusses the epiphany he had from experiencing water out of a faucet when returning from Africa. The thought of this experience seems so alive. The epiphany clicked with me, like I could actually feel the experience happening. 

What is it about a hot or cold shower, and the feeling of water running over your naked body that is so amazing? Or to jump in a pool, or to swim in the ocean? I have an image of the water molecules inside our bodies rejoicing as they reconnect with their kin, just for a split second, again and again.

When I was small, I remember reading a short blurb that my mom wrote to describe a dance piece that she had choreographed. It said something about how the piece was a study or a piece of proof that we humans aren't just sacks of blood. That moment is seared in my mind because the vividness of the imagery of a sack of blood, and also because it was the first time I saw my mom as an artist, not as a provider of motherly things around the house. 

I've been stressed out lately, between booking, moving, and trying to crate while at it. It was so nice to see this video now and to have an opportunity to stop, look, and go!