Hello hello,

Since I set up the website a few days ago, I've been thinking about what direction I want to take my blog. But instead of sitting and twiddling my thumbs, I figured maybe I should just start writing and come up with my vision as I go. I created this website so that I can point people to one place to go to in order to see everything I've been up to. I've introduced all my projects and all the music I've been part of in my own words. For this blog, I want to talk about shows I've been to, photos I took, food I ate, people I met, and other odds and ends. 

To kick it off, I have some great photos from the Bent Knee tour in June that I want to post. 

June 6 @ Littlefield - Brooklyn, NY

Kayo Dot (

These guys are absolute masters at what they do. Last time I saw them in Boston at TT the Bear's Place, the room made them sound too muddy and their set list was more sludge metal. This time the music lived and breathed in a big room, and Toby's singing really opened up the music to me. The performance was pristine. 

June 10 @ Mahall's - Cleveland, OH


Fakespecies was fantastic at their EP release show. The raw rhythm and the M.I.A. inspired vocals are really hip, and the whole show was extremely dance-able. They have a crazy glitchy sound coming out of analog pedals and whatnot, and I can't wait for them to play out more and polish the sound further. They had the brilliant idea of tying helium balloons to the flash drives with their debut EP + mixtape on it. The room littered with colorful balloons created an awesome vibe, and it felt like such a treat to receive a copy of the album and a balloon.  

June 11 @ The Smiling Moose - Pittsburgh, PA


These guys are living and breathing indie. The guitar riffs, the reverb, the extra guy slamming the toms, the ironing-board keyboard stand, the glasses, the hair, the 'oh, oh ohhhh....'s. It all seemed so familiar, but they do it so well. One of the best bands we've seen on the road for sure. I was really blown away by how tight they were, how hard they hit, and how nice they were! 

June 24 @ The High Dive - Seattle, WA

Gladiators Eat Fire (

Since I last saw them in 2013, GEF really found their own sound. It's heavy, dissonant, powerful, and it's so groovy. They're hell of a band to see live. Mark is a great frontman, and the strange way he twists and contorts as he sings and grooves really added a presence to the set. 

June 28 @ The WOW Hall - Eugene, OR

Explode-A-Tron (

These guys take entertainment to a new level. The hodge-podge of angry metal and funky banter is marvelous. In addition to the WOW Hall show, we spent another four days and three shows with Explode-A-Tron on our way south. We couldn't have asked for a better duo to tour with. Their humor and their support came at a great time, deep in week three of the four week tour. If it weren't for them keeping us rolling on the floor with laughter, I think most of us would have suffered from bouts of homesickness. They even played a cover of 'Way Too Long' at the WOW Hall show!! 

On a separate note:

During the last two weeks, I had my first two shows performing solo. I was really nervous for a few reasons; mainly I wasn't sure if I could create an intimate musical environment like Bent Knee does through performing on my own. Now that both the shows are over and done with, I'm walking away feeling excited about having had such a great time performing my own music. The reception was great, and I'm truly in debt to my wonderful friends who supported me, and who came out to see my 'experiment'. Never having been in the audience for a Bent Knee show or for my own solo show, I don't know what the experiences are like and how they compare to each other. But, I feel that there's something awesome about my solo set that's different from Bent Knee, but musically rewarding for me and worth sharing with others. I'm excited to continue pursuing this awesomeness, and I hope to meet many people and visit many new places in the process.

That's all for now. I think I'm going to go see Snowpiercer tonight!