Courtney Interviewed on Breakthru Radio

Last Week I did an interview about Bent Knee with Zach Schepis of BreakThru Radio's Discovery Corner. He has written a great article about our conversation, and you can also listen to his show which includes the unabridged phone interview. 

As a music journalist, the daily task of diving headfirst into a growing digital abyss yields surprisingly few moments of genuine inspiration to bring back to the surface. It's not pessimism or jaded weariness speaking. There just seem to be very few groups producing new music that sounds unlike anything else around.
Luckily, there's always some kind of miraculous exception poking its way out of the woodwork. In this case, perhaps bending is the right word. It's an apt motion for an ensemble intent on twisting influences and genres into something that, ultimately, ceases to resemble the original shapes that formed it.
I'm talking about Bent Knee. The six-piece ensemble based out of Boston is somewhat of a sonic paradox. They devise cataclysmic song structures with the wit and veracity of a malfunctioning robot intent on destroying its master.
If that sounds too offbeat, then perhaps a second listen is in order. A polished, perfection-driven sheen bridges the music between moments of violent catharses that somehow always find new ways to dress abrasion with beauty.

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