Level-Up Your Singing! - Video collab with Ben Levin

What makes a good singer?

I've been thinking about this for a while. After working on being a better, more skilled singer for the last 10 years, here's a video with my latest hot take on singing.

This video was created by the one and only Ben Levin. He invited me over to talk about singing last week, and made this wonderful and entertaining piece. The animations are really fantastic, and I was very flattered to be drawn up as such an awesome character in my made-up RPG game, SingWars!

Check it out if you're interested in a short lesson-ish thingy, although it's more about my mentality to approaching singing as a skill as opposed to a talent. 

Also, this video was made by Ben through the support of his Patreons. If you like this video and want to support him in making more interesting videos on songwriting, lyric writing, guitar, composition, and more, please consider supporting his Patreon page

Watch below or from this link: https://youtu.be/Tah5q89iNcg