From Nanaimo

Here's my newest attempt at starting a blog. 

Last night's show at the Queen's in Nanaimo was fantastic. The place was full, and people were dancing and waying to our songs. Our friends David and his wife Susan were way up front. I smiled when I saw David jumping up and down when we played Way Too Long at the end. Two incredibly kind people. I'm jealous of his friends who get to see him and hang out with him all the time! David & Susan have gone far out of their way to keep us fed, rested, and happy. This tour, I've had some mornings when I wake up and feel unsure about what I'm doing, but David has rekindled my trust with his infectious passion about life, love, music, and his passion for Bent Knee.

We performed with Roberts Hall last night, so here are some photos I took. I ran to fetch my camera when I saw the venue had a smoke machine. The lights cutting through the smoke was beautiful.