Boston Music Awards 2017


Found out yesterday that Bent Knee & myself are up for some Boston Music Awards this year! Bent Knee is nominated for Best Alternative/Indie Artist, and I'm nominated for Best Female Vocalist. I’m really happy and excited.

For those interested, here's the voting link.

Some thoughts I want to share:

  • I’ve been singing for ten-ish years, but it’s only recently that I’ve come to love my voice and cherish what I do. I’m so grateful to the people who helped me find that. 
  • So grateful to get this hometown love/recognition as part of Bent Knee. All six of us are transplants, but this band certainly was born and raised in Boston. 
  • BMA’s are a local fixture, celebrating their 30th year this year. I know I’m not the only one who’s had qualms with who/what gets represented in their awards. I don’t think this should just be about voting for who you know. Please take time to listen to the music/artists in each category. If you don’t know a category, or if you don’t see the entity you think deserves an award, the ballot lets you leave things blank. 
  • Jesse from The Record Co was the person to break the news to me. This is fitting because Matt, Jesse, and TRC have been an integral part of my Boston Music experience. My Boston Music MVP vote goes to them :) 

I’m not much for asking folks to vote for things, so I’m just going to post this today and leave it at that. I’m working on new music, and the BMA news was an awesome pep & cheer to have in the studio yesterday. THANK YOU!